8 Amazing SEO and Marketing Slack Integrations You Need to Try

Slack is one of the most used communication tools today in business and for good reason. This app helps businesses get organized, share files and communicate with every member of the team easily.

It was founded by Stewart Butterfield and started as an internal tool used by his company while developing a now defunct online game. Now, it has grown to be worth $3.8 billion since its official launch. Slack is actually an acronym which stands for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.

Let’s explore Slack’s base features:

  • Channels – Channels are divisions meant to organize your team conversations. They are open to everyone keeping all team members in loop of what’s going on.
  • Private channels – Private channels are used for conversations that may include classified information. Members will need to be invited to view the messages and join the conversation on a private channel.
  • Direct messages – Direct messages are conversations between two or more members. These are best for quick chats that doesn’t need a whole channel.
  • Search – You can search the system if there any messages or files that you need to come back to. All you have to do is type a search term and Slack will show you related channels, members and suggestions.
  • Notifications – Slack notifications keep you informed about things that needs your attention. By default, you will receive a notification when:
    • You receive a direct message (DM)
    • Someone replies to a thread you’re following
    • Someone @mentions you or notifies a channel you’re in
    • Someone uses one of your keywords
    • You receive a reminder from Slackbot that only you can see
  • Integrations – You can integrate apps within the platform to effectively increase your productivity and simplify your day-to-day tasks.

The Power of Slack Integrations

Slack is not an ordinary chat room thanks to its ability of integrating third-party applications to harness more value out of the platform. These integrations enable teams to create workflows and bring data from any application. You can receive or send emails, make audio or video calls, take notes and even organize your calendar.

Really useful ones includes the Slackbot which is built in the platform and helps you with note-taking and reminders.  DiggBot delivers interesting news to your Slack channel and if you work with a remote team, the Spacetime bot translates local times zones.

There are thousands of Slack integrations out there specially designed to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency but we have our top favourites. Here are 9 amazing SEO and marketing Slack integrations that you need to try:



  • Live Chat for Slack


A study by Zendesk revealed that 92% customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature but surprisingly, a lot of businesses still don’t have this available in their website.

Social Intents’s Live Chat for Slack lets you chat with website visitors right from Slack. This application is designed to work seamlessly for your team. All you have to do is add Live Chat to your Slack, then copy 1 line of code to your site and your entire team will be ready to give your visitors real-time chat support.



Don’t make your website visitors wait and give them the best customer service experience with Live Chat.


  • HubSpot


HubSpot is a leading inbound and sales software company. Their Slack integration is great for both marketers and sales people. The HubSpot Slack integration turns Slack conversations into HubSpot CRM Tasks, sends notifications to Slack triggered by activities in HubSpot, and enables slash commands to search and post contact records from HubSpot.


Alternatives to HubSpot

HubSpot is probably one of the best CRM Slack apps, but if you’re looking for an alternative, there’s a lot of options. A quick search in the Slack Apps directory returns at least 20 CRM Slack integrations. We like Zoho CRM a lot. This is a Slack app with features very similar to HubSpot. Another great HubSpot alternative is GrowthBot, an app that functions like a personal assistant for marketers and sales reps.


  • Nuzzel


Nuzzel is a news monitoring and research tool. In October 2017, they launched a Slack app that is great for both marketers and PR people alike. Nuzzel’s Slack integration sends daily news briefings on any topic in Slack channels of your choice. Nuzzel tracks the most comprehensive set of important news sources, and integrates social signals from thousands of influencers in your field. This nifty Slack integration allows you to save time on news research and be the first to know your industry’s news.


Alternatives to Nuzzel

Nuzzel is is a one-of-a-kind Slack app. Although Nuzzel itself has quite some competitors and alternatives, at the moment there is no Slack app with the same amazing features as Nuzzel.


  • MailClark


A common pain point for a lot of teams is having to switch between a chat platform and a team inbox. MailClark centralizes all of your external communications so you no longer need to switch between different tools and waste precious minutes of your day. That means you can now manage your emails and messages from Facebook or Twitter within Slack.


When asked what makes MailClark unique in the market, the company’s CEO Anthony Bleton-Martin responded, “We’re the most integrated and comprehensive email integration for enterprise chat. Our competitors require users to learn and use their dedicated interface, our learning curve is one of the market’s best as all actions can be carried out directly from Slack or MS Teams.”

Alternatives to MailClark

MailClark is a really useful Slack app, but there are more apps on the market with the same features. A Slack app similar to MailClark that we really like is PigeonBot. This Slack app lets you send emails to people on your channels from Slack using a simple command.


  • Join.me


Many consider this application to be the best and simplest screen sharing and file transfer tool in the market.


It is free to use and can be used anytime and anywhere. As long as you have a computer around or your laptop with you and stable Internet connection, you can view screens, share presentations, provide remote assistance and even hold meetings. If your company needs a few more features, there is a pro version which starts at $29 per month.

With join.me, distance would is no longer a hindrance for effective collaboration.

Alternatives to Join.me

If you’re looking for an alternative to Join.me for Slack, there are quite some options. Our team uses Dead Simple Screen Sharing, a simple Slack app that lets you and your teammates share your screen and do audio conferences right from your browser. Another good alternative to Join.me for Slack is Screenhero, which is available in any of Slack’s paid plans.


  • Mention


Mention is a media monitoring tool that observers & monitors anything that’s being said about your company. Their fairly new Slack integration is great for both marketers and SEO people. sends you a Slack notification as soon as your brand or competitor is mentioned online. The Mention Slack integration also allows you to receive daily recaps of brand mentions and, on top of that, it helps you identify and discover influencers. As an SEO, you want to know when and how your brand gets mentioned, so you can reach out and ask for a link to your website.


Alternatives to Mention

A great alternative to Mention’s Slack integration is Brand24. The Brand24 Slack app sends a message on Slack whenever your company gets mentioned online.


  • Cloze


Cloze automatically organizes all of your Slack messages and files by the people, companies, projects, and deals that they relate to. You’ll see your complete Slack history together with all your external communications including your notes and files, so you have a single view of everything related to any person, company, project, or deal.


With this app, you can also know who on your team has talked with a client recently and set a reminder for yourself so you can forget about forgetting.

Alternatives to Cloze

If you’re looking for a Slack app with the same features as Cloze, a good CRM Slack app might do the job. Earlier in this article we mentioned some alternatives to the Slack integration of HubSpot, a CRM for marketing and sales.


  • AttendanceBot


AttendanceBot is a time tracking and leave management Slack integration which lets the whole team know if a worker is at their computer, on leave, in a meeting or working remotely. Here are some of its features:

  • Clock in and out
  • Get timesheets and reports
  • Track billable hours for clients and projects
  • Powerful shift and schedule management
  • Managers and HRs get real-time alerts when employees click in or out
  • Reminders to punch in and out as your day begins or ends
  • Automatic punchouts after you have worked your day’s hours

This is without a doubt a powerful tool for any type of business especially for those who have remote workers working in different time zones.


Whatever it is that you need, Slack has an integration for you. There are even integrations that are not work-related.  Here are some fun ones that are worth a special mention:

  • Movie Night – This integration gives you a quick rundown about the movies that are showing in theatres as well as the movies that are soon to be released.
  • Slacker – This integration is for the jokers in the team who want to lighten up the atmosphere. Users can impersonate 20 different characters and can even add their own.
  • Poncho The Weather – This is a weather service which gives personalized forecasts with fun gifs and text.  Once installed, anyone in the team can type /Poncho followed by their zip code and Poncho gives a coolest weather forecast that is sure to make anyone smile.
  • Giphy – With this you integration, you can respond to your teammates using gifs because sometimes, it needs a gif to truly express our emotions. This has the potential to decrease productively so use this with caution.

Alternatives to AttendenceBot

If you’re looking for an alternative to AttendenceBot, good options to take a look at are Toggl, HourStack, and TrackingTime. These are all great time tracking Slack apps, but the AttendenceBot Slack integration comes with the biggest suite of features.


About the author

Jeroen van Gils is a content writer at Social Intents, a platform with a full suite of tools to grow sales and improve customer service. Social Intents’ most popular apps are its live chat apps, such as Live Chat for Slack and Shopify Live Chat.


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