Increase Sales Conversions Today with Live Chat

The benefits of using a live chat platform on your website to improve customer experience are immense. With increased online businesses and improved customer to business, customer to customer, and business to business transactions, the need for live chat platforms is growing.

A live chat function enables many businesses to answer questions from their customers in real-time. This in turn enables them to build a strong relationship with the customers by showing they care. In the end, the business is able to increase its sales and thus earn higher profits.

A Little about our Live Chat platform

Social Intents committed to providing you with a reliable, customizable and more customer-friendly live chat interface. We offer you unlimited live chat agents on our plans; making us unique from other live chat providers. In addition, we offer apps for email list building, conversion popups, and feedback.

The Benefits of Using a Live Chat platform on your website

1.  Using live chat to increase sale conversions

Considering that you are able to answer any questions, objections, and concerns from customers immediately, live chat helps you to multiply the rate of sales and conversions. The key reason here is that with live chats, customers are able to have someone who can immediately direct them through a sale if they get confused or have questions that could make or break the sale. Eliminating bounces in the buy process ensures plenty of shopping carts make it through to the check out, increasing sale conversions.

Research studies have shown that, once customers get engaged by professional employees; like our unlimited live chat agents, who can understand their needs better, the employee is able to recommend other additional purchases that may be a perfect fit for the buyer and hence lead to increased sales.

2.  Increased Convenience for your Customers

A live chat system offers customers immediate response to their queries. Unlike other communication systems such as email and calls to a customer care center, wait times for the live chat are much less or literally not there. Also, customers can easily multi-task while waiting for a fast reply from the other end.

90% of consumers in the global market consider a live chat to be helpful, according to a study by ATG Global Consumer Trend.

3.  Live Chat lowers service costs and cuts down on expenses

The initial set up and training of your customer service team on the use of the chat system is quite easy. In addition, the cost per transaction with live chats is tremendously reduced compared to other modes of communication such as call centers and social media communities. Better still, one live chat agent can be able to serve multiple customers at a time, say 4 or 5 persons, while still delivering one-on-one services to all of them. This helps you cut down on staffing costs and improve on your business efficiency.

4.  Transcripts offer data to improve customer service

Installing a live chat program on your website can provide your team with chat transcripts that can be used to identify customer pain points, speed of monthly service delivery, where your chat agent’s excel or fail, and what opinions customers have regarding your business.

By analyzing the questions, concerns, and issues raised by your customers, your team can know where to improve on next time. They can also use the information to create pre-written responses and post them on a ‘frequently asked questions’ page, where they can direct customers for basic information and hence save on time

5.  Live Chat Provides a competitive edge for your company

If your competitors are using other communication modes such as email and social media, you can gain a competitive advantage over them by installing a live chat platform. A survey by stated that 63% of online customers were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

All in all, you need to keep in mind that you will only achieve these live chat benefits by hiring a reliable company like us to install the program for you. Contact us today or visit us at and let us help you convert your website visitors into sales.